THY-346-C / 1964-1967 Chevy Chevelle 4.8L-6.2L LS Motor Swap 4-1 Mid-Length Headers

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4:1 Mid-Length Headers with Adapters
1964-67 Chevelle

4.8L-6.2L LS Motor Swap

Header Style: 
4:1 Mid-length Headers
Material: Steel
Finish: Silver Ceramic Coated
Weld Up: Yes, adapters must be welded to exhaust system
Primary Tube Diameter: 1-3/4"
Primary Tube Gauge: 14 Gauge
Collector Attachment: 3 Bolt Flange
Collector Diameter: 3"
Tuned: No
Flange Thickness: 3/8"
Bolts and/or Studs Included: Yes
Gaskets Included: Yes
Adapters/Reducers Included: Yes
Y-Pipe (Crossover) Included: No
Motor Mounts Included: No, contact us for recommendations
Quantity: Sold as a Pair
CARB E.O. #: N/A
Warranty: Limited Lifetime to original purchaser

Notes: You just finished swapping that LS Motor into your Chevelle. Why choke it up by running the factory exhaust manifolds that leave much to be desired, and why drag a set of long tube headers on the ground every time the road gets a little bumpy? This killer set of headers is just a little shorter than true long tube headers. We designed these to give you the maximum in performance while keeping them short enough so they don’t smack the ground like long tube headers are known for. Of course the shorter design makes for a bit easier of an installation than long tubes so you definitely don't need to be lowered to run these. To make these headers last, we made them out of industry leading 14-gauge tubing with 3/8" thick flanges. Topping all of that off, all of our headers come beautifully ceramic coated to greatly reduce under-hood temperatures and protect them from the environment. All of this 100% American made, and backed by our lifetime warranty of course!